Hi! I'm Meghan

Kids Play Tricks is a wife-kids-husband small business that began in April 2018.

While living in rural Illinois I became a crazy lady who filled ziplock bags with rice and googly eyes and called it a “sensory bag.” As a former teacher, planning, creating and inventing new ways to keep my daughter (and I) occupied and having fun was the highlight to my day! Over the past year or so, we’ve launched a subscription, activity magazines, sensory bin kits, messy mats, and shared countless activities and tricks.

At Kids Play Tricks, we’re here to provide resources to make parenthood simple, easy, and fun for everyone!​

So if you’re needing a bit of inspiration or you’re looking for simple sensory or skill-building activities to keep your little ones busy, you’ve come to the right place! I’m so glad you’ve found Kids Play Tricks!

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