Activity Magazines

Do you have a closet full of toys?

Toys are expensive... We’ve all seen that $50 high-pitched robot toy you were begged to purchase but was then forgotten in the back seat on the car ride home. Why not use what you already have around the house to create open-ended activities that will last your child years?


Sounds great, right?! But how?

I’ve created the solution for you! I designed themed magazines filled with activities that grow and become more complex as your child develops from a baby to a preschooler all while using the same simple materials.

What is included in the activity magazine?

Each magazine is available in print or choose what’s best for you! If you purchase a print magazine, you'll receive a free digital copy as well!


In each magazine, you’ll find 14 themed base activities with modifications for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. That’s 126 activities in all! I know, that might sound totally overwhelming, but the unique format is easy to follow and especially designed for siblings or mixed ages of kids.


You no longer need to search all over to find ideas that keep everyone happy, our magazine meets the needs of kids ages 0-5 and is perfect for siblings.

Here's how it works-

For each base activity, I provide the “must have materials,” an “I can” statement (that’s Common Core language your child will hear once they head to Kindergarten), word prompts, skills, steps to prepare, and tips.

On the following page, you’ll see activities for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Under each age group, I provide three modified activities for your child to do with the materials you originally set up.


Think of this structure like playing with a ball. A baby might grab at the ball, a toddler might roll the ball, and a preschooler might kick the ball. Each child is using the same ball but in different ways that meet their needs and development. These aren’t random activities, they build and grow along with your child. The first activity you see is the most basic and the last activity listed is the most complex. There’s a clear sequence to help you guide your child.

Where to start?

The activities in this magazine are flexible- complete them in a week or in a month! Follow the order of the magazine or let your child choose what they’d like to do first. The materials checklist contains the “must-have materials” and the activity page lists additional materials for each age-specific activity. For siblings or mixed ages, set up each activity in a shared space or as separate stations. The photo on the right shows an example of how you can set up an activity for a baby and preschooler.

Each magazine also includes a materials checklist, a book list with recommendations for each age group, downloadable printables, additional action photos of each activity, and access to the online resources page.

Let's make play simple!

Figuring out what to do with your child all day is hard- how can you meet their needs, teach them, entertain them, and keep your sanity all in one day? This magazine will guide you so your time will be spent playing with your kids (or taking a break… or warming that cup of coffee up a third time), not searching for activities or materials.

You can buy the magazines in our shop here: that’s a lot cheaper than the annoying dog toy that sings the ABC's!