Best Toddler Toys: 12-15 months

A simple guide to choosing meaningful toys for toddlers ages 12-15 months.

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We've all experienced toy regret before.

You know, when you wish you hadn't wasted money on that one toy that just sits in the closet...sad and ignored.

Well toy regret no more!

I'll be sharing several guides with the best toys to add to your collection for meaningful play to save you time searching and money spent!

This guide is designed for toddlers ages 12-15 months. Now, that doesn't mean these toys will only last for a few months. The age category is my recommended time to introduce these materials, but play will last long after (and some before) the age range.

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Let's get started!

Ride On Wood Bike

This Ride On Wood Bike is perfect for your toddler's developing gross motor skills. This ride on bike is made of a durable wooden base with rubberized wheels. Your child will be strengthening muscles and balance while they scoot around.

Large animal figurines

This set of safari animal figurines are a Kids Play Tricks favorite! They are super affordable and will provide years of open-ended play. They're large enough that a young toddler can explore safely yet still detailed and realistic.

Magnetic Hide and Seek Board

If your toddler enjoys lift the flap books, they will love this magnetic hide and seek board. This board is like an interactive puzzle- your toddler will open and close the "doors" on the board to discover and match the magnetic pieces that correspond with the picture on the door.

Musical Instruments

While playing musical instruments your toddler is exploring cause and effect, enhancing hand-eye coordination and building other fine and gross motor skills, and supporting sensory development. These musical instruments come in a smooth, natural wood and are all toddler friendly!

Pop Up Toy

You might have seen this Pop Up Toy before, it's a popular one but for good reason! Toddlers love how the figurines bob up and down. You toddler will be practicing hand-eye coordination, perseverance, and color awareness.

Coin Box

A coin box is a Montessori classic. Your toddler will experience opening, closing and fitting the objects into the hole. This reinforces hand-eye coordination, concentration and curiosity of the disappearance and reappearance of the objects (object permanence).



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