Best Toys for Multi-Ages

A simple guide to choose toys for multi-ages that will grow with your child.

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Multi-ages can be tough. It's hard (read: practically impossible) to make EVERYONE happy!

Especially when you're juggling a baby and a preschooler, or any other age gap, where needs are so different and you're stuck in the middle...trying to balance it all.

Play Tricks to the rescue!

Here's a simple toy guide designed especially for multi-ages.

These are the best toys that will grow with your child.

These are staples in your toy collection.

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Here's all the info!

Large animal figurines

This set of safari animal figurines are a Kids Play Tricks favorite! They are super affordable and will provide years of open-ended play. They're large enough that a young toddler can explore safely yet still detailed and realistic.

Stainless steel pots and pans

This durable set of pots and pans is perfect for sensory play or pretend play. We like that they're realistic but a great size for little ones. Click here to see one of our favorite ways to play with these pots and pans.

Wooden dollhouse

This dollhouse is three stories high and contains three rooms and moveable furniture. We love the neutral colors and solid design. The rooms are open so they're easy to reach inside and play from many angles.

Wooden blocks

Building blocks are like the jackpot toy- your child is practicing so many lifelong skills when playing with building blocks. Although a good wooden block set can be pricey, investing in a quality set will be worth the money. Create castles, towers, roads, houses, a maze, and more!

Balance stepping stones

Balance stepping stones promotes gross motor skills, balance, and coordination. We like this set of stepping stones for the variety in height and the rubber footing to ensure they don't slip. Bring them outdoors, create an obstacle course, or pretend they're mountains and go climbing!

Wooden vehicles

These wooden vehicles are a open-ended staple to your toy collection. There's a great variety and they can even fit on many train set tracks. This set includes a fire truck, toy airplane, toy dump truck, toy ambulance, toy police car, and toy steamroller.

Kinetic sand

Kinetic sand is a magically sensory base everyone needs to own! Kinetic and oozes flows through your fingers like quicksand but can be molded like traditional wet sand. It also doesn't stick to your hands! The options are endless with this sensory base- although remember, this sensory base is not taste-safe.

Musical Instruments

While playing musical instruments your toddler is exploring cause and effect, enhancing hand-eye coordination and building other fine and gross motor skills, and supporting sensory development. These musical instruments are wooden and come with a storage crate, we don't personally own these but know Melissa and Doug are a trusted brand. If you'd like to add more durable instruments to your collection, we chose to purchase some select child-sized instruments separately:

Harmonica | Drum | Egg shaker | Güiro | Tambourine | Rhythm stick | Hand bells | Harp | Ukulele | Recorder

Fabric scarves

These fabric scarves are an affordable alternative to play silks BUT they're just as fun and versatile. Use them to play peek-a-boo with a baby or a preschooler might turn them into butterfly wings.



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