Daily Routine Flip Chart

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

An easy DIY interactive flip chart to promote a stable routine, independence, and ease transition struggles.

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Does your child ever whine, have tantrums, or even a full-blown meltdown when it's time to transition between activities or places?

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Like when it's time to turn off the TV and have snack?...True story around here.

Transitions are hard for everybody. Humans are creatures of habit and being asked to stop one thing and start another is a very common trigger for behavior challenges.

I wanted to design a way help ease transitions, promote stability, and encourage independence throughout our day...while also holding me accountable (especially during this global pandemic where, let's face it, it's hard to stay motivated to get through the day sometimes).

I absolutely loved this flip chart idea from mamapapabubba and with a few changes I made it work for our family! We've spent a few weeks testing it out and it's GOLD!

Using just a file folder and some adhesive dots, I created this amazing interactive routine flip chart. E closes the flaps as we go through our day and she can look ahead to see what's next.

Ready to make your own daily routine flip chart?

Find the printable here: Daily Routine Cards Printable

You'll need: legal sized file folder, adhesive dots, legal sized laminating sheets, laminator, scissors, ruler, command strips, printable daily routine cards

  • Print the printable daily routine cards- remember you don't need every.single.card. Just prepare the ones that fit your family. You can also create your own using the blank template page.

  • Laminate and cut the printable routine cards. Pro tip- laminate first, then cut!

  • Stick an adhesive dot onto the center back of each routine card (I chose to stick the soft side of the adhesive dots onto the routine cards).

  • Open the legal sized file folder and line the printable routine cards along the center fold (I used the inside of the folder since the front of mine had more words on it). You should be able to fit 7 cards across.

  • Once you've spaced the cards out, attach a rough adhesive dot to the dot on the back of each card and return it to the file folder. It should stick in place. Repeat for the rest of the routine cards.

  • Once you have 7 routine cards in their place, use a ruler to draw straight lines between each card on the opposite side of the folder. Cut on each line to create 7 flaps.

  • Trim the bottom of the folder, saving enough room to attach another adhesive dot to the close the flap.

  • Place another set of adhesive dots to the flap and above each routine card so they can stick closed.

  • Attach the title card. Use a command strip to attach to the wall!

Ready to make your own daily routine flip chart?

Find the printable here: Daily Routine Cards Printable


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