DIY Baby Pull Toy

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

A simple DIY baby pull toy to make diaper changes easier and more fun!

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Changing a baby's diaper can sometimes feel like wrangling a crocodile.

Once your baby begins grasping, around 4-6 months, you'll notice them reaching, grabbing, and pulling everything...their feet, your hair, the dirty diaper...

This simple DIY pull toy was inspired completely by @play_at_home_mummy.

Using items from around the house, create an engaging toy to make diaper changes easier and fun!

You'll need: cardboard, ribbon, toys, command strips

  1. Prior to the activity, trim a piece of cardboard into a small rectangle.

  2. Poke three holes along the bottom of the cardboard.

  3. Thread and tie ribbon through each hole.

  4. Attach a toy on the other end of the ribbon and secure with a knot.

  5. Use command strips to secure the toy to the wall near the changing table.

This activity requires adult supervision.


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