Movement Area: At 3 Months

Updated: May 25, 2020

5 things to include in a newborn movement area.

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By giving babies freedom of movement, they can develop the confidence to problem solve and become independent.

We've used this movement area since birth and our time in the area has increased as R grows and spends more time observing his environment. The work I've offered has also changed since he was a newborn so I thought I'd share what our movement area looks like now that R is three month old (AKA technically no longer a newborn *insert crying face*).

Here are a few important parts to our movement area:

  1. Mat or blanket- Baby needs somewhere clean and safe to be placed down on. We use a foam play mat with a blanket on top.

  2. Mirror- A mirror placed low to the ground so baby can see himself and his movements. This is an acrylic mirror, totally safe for babies.

  3. Mobiles- This is the Dancer mobile, this is the last in the Montessori visual mobiles. I wish I knew about these when my first was a baby, they're now on my must-buy list for anyone who are expecting or has a new baby.

  4. High-contrast cards- Displaying high-contrast cards low to the ground encourages baby to move during floor and tummy time while also providing excellent visual stimulation.

  5. Books- I find having developmentally appropriate books in various rooms around the house is the best way for me to make sure I remember to read to R. We also often use them during tummy time.

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