"My Body" Mini-Book

Create a DIY "My Body" Mini-Book to foster language and body awareness.

Babies love staring at faces!

And it's not just your face your baby loves...

Research shows that babies, even those less than an hour old, tend to stare at face-like images more than any other pattern.

Your baby or young toddler will love holding and reading this mini-book all about the parts of their body! Featuring bright photographs of diverse babies, this book focuses on one body part per page. The pages include: eyes, nose, mouth, ear, hand, and feet. As well as a front and back cover.

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Let's make it!

You'll need: "My Body" mini-book, laminator, scissors, binder rings, cardstock, hole punch

  1. Print the "My Body" mini-book printable on sturdy paper (I recommend using cardstock).

  2. Laminate each page and cut the cards out. I suggest rounding the corners so there are no sharp areas.

  3. If you'd like to create a mini-book, use a hole punch to make two holes along the edge, at the top and bottom of the cards. Place a binder ring to hold the cards in place.

Ways to play: Post these photograph cards in your child's movement area, by a mirror, or create a mini-book to read together using binder clips.

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