A Current Montessori Inspired Shelf

A quick look at our current Montessori inspired play shelf for E (3Y) and R (4M).

How do you "do" toys at your house?

Do you use a toy box?

Some toys hidden behind the couch?

Play shelves carefully displayed?

Toys scattered about in every room of the house?

We rotate toys, meaning we put some toys in storage and offer some to play for the week. Rotating toys encourages more meaningful play and promotes a longer attention span.

Here's a look at what's currently on our play shelf for E (3Y) and R (4M).

Here's a look at what's currently on our play shelf-

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Shelf: Ikea Besta

Baskets: Dark brown (Target Dollar Spot) | Cotton rope basket

Baby Play Area: Mirror | High contrast images (free printable) | Jingle bell | Crinkle paper

On top: Cash register (wooden version with less realistic money) | First Orchard game | Memory game | Preschool by Play Tricks curriculum

Far Left: Magnet tiles | Sensory bottle (empty sensory bottle found at Michaels) | Wooden roller | Rainbow ring | See and Say book

Middle Left: Play scarves | Nuts and bolts (any hardware store) | Button art | Shape sorter | Sensory bean bags

Middle Right: Nesting doll | Magnet sticks | Name puzzle (gifted) | Garden stacking

Far Right: Lite Brite | Doll | Doll accessories (most are real life objects)

Easel: Easel

Cleaning set: Cleaning set

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