A Current Montessori Inspired Shelf

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

A quick look at our current Montessori inspired play shelf for E (3Y) and R (4M).

How do you "do" toys at your house?

Do you use a toy box?

Some toys hidden behind the couch?

Play shelves carefully displayed?

Toys scattered about in every room of the house?

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We rotate toys, meaning we put some toys in storage and offer some to play for the week. Rotating toys encourages more meaningful play and promotes a longer attention span.

Here's a look at what's currently on our play shelf for E (3Y) and R (4M).

Here's a look at what's currently on our play shelf-

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Shelf: Ikea Besta

Baskets: Dark brown (Target Dollar Spot) | Cotton rope basket

Baby Play Area: Mirror | High contrast images (free printable) | Jingle bell | Crinkle paper

On top: Cash register (wooden version with less realistic money) | First Orchard game | Memory game | Preschool by Play Tricks curriculum

Far Left: Magnet tiles | Sensory bottle (empty sensory bottle found at Michaels) | Wooden roller | Rainbow ring | See and Say book

Middle Left: Play scarves | Nuts and bolts (any hardware store) | Button art | Shape sorter | Sensory bean bags

Middle Right: Nesting doll | Magnet sticks | Name puzzle (gifted) | Garden stacking

Far Right: Lite Brite | Doll | Doll accessories (most are real life objects)

Easel: Easel

Cleaning set: Cleaning set


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