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Updated: Aug 16, 2020

A quick look at our current play shelf for Em (2 years 11 months).

I've recently been more mindful of the toys and materials I have available on our play shelf. With careful observations, I've included a combination of store-bought toys and tray work to keep Em learning, happy, while also supporting her to play independently.

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Here's a look at what's currently on our play shelf-

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Shelf: Ikea Besta

On top: Preschool by Play Tricks curriculum | Transportation books

Far Left: Chalkboard laptop | Play silks | Yoga cards

Middle Left: Metal cars (all have been handed down except the mail truck) | Name puzzle (this puzzle was gifted to us. I've seen several options on Etsy) | Lego Duplo blocks

Middle Right: Transportation Same & Different (free printable) | Dressing boards (I'm only offering the "zipper" and "snaps" boards at this time) | Animal figurines

Far Right: Rhyming Matching Game (free printable) | Tangram board

Sensory Bin: Messy Mat | Kinetic sand | Wooden stampers | Wooden rollers


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