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Updated: Aug 16, 2020

A quick look at our current play shelf for Em (2 years 11 months).

Fewer is better when it comes to offering toys to your child. "Research supports this: A study compared how children played when offered 4 vs. 16 toys in a room. Toddlers who were offered 4 days engaged more meaningfully with each toy, playing in a deeper way and spending more time exploring than toddlers who had 16 available toys."

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Here's a look at what's currently on our play shelf-

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Shelf: Ikea Besta

Baskets: Dark brown (Target Dollar Spot) | Cotton rope basket

On top: Preschool by Play Tricks curriculum

Far Left: Memory Matching Game | White Tray | MegaBloks

Middle Left: Dinosaur figurines (similar large dinosaurs and similar small dinosaurs) | Mittens "Same and Different" (free printable) | Wooden snowflakes | Wooden peg dolls (I hand-painted them) | Miscellaneous wooden loose parts (most of these were found at Michaels or Hobby Lobby)

Middle Right: Practical Life Screwdriver Board | Mini pom-poms (similar ones) | Wooden Shape Puzzle | Squigz | Play silks

Far Right: Winter foam stickers (similar ones) | Dump truck

Dollhouse: Dollhouse | Calico Critters (hedgehogs and bunnies)

Balance Board: Balance board


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