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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Preschool Play Tricks is a hands-on, play-based preschool curriculum carefully designed for ages 2-4 and YOU!

Do you ever feel lost on how to teach your child?

You are your child's first teacher! What a special, but daunting job.

Do you ever wish you could have a map with signs that point to what your child should learn? Letter names and sounds, shapes, counting, and uh...what's this "one-to-one correspondence" even mean? You might have wondered, what does my child need to know? Exactly how do I teach them? How can I encourage them to even sit still long enough?!

Phew, I sure have! After searching the web, I couldn't find a program that had the answer to all these questions while also being flexible, organized, and play-based...which are all must-have requirements for me, so here we are!

We love your preschool program! My almost three year old asks for preschool everyday because he loves it so much. Love that you include printable pages in each lesson and the lessons are short and simple to put together. For days we have to miss it, it is easy to break the activities up and just add to another day. - Samantha

Preschool Play Tricks is a hands-on, play-based preschool curriculum carefully designed for ages 2-4 and YOU!


Introducing Preschool Play Tricks: a flexible, play-based preschool curriculum

Think of this program as an easier to comprehend, parent-friendly teaching manual. I include everything you need to know to set up a rich learning environment at home in a quick and easy way so that you actually enjoy (and are excited about) teaching your child while continuing to encourage your toddler's eagerness to learn.

Like us, children strive on structure, routine, and predictability.

Preschool Play Tricks is just that! This program is a standards based, themed, 190 day play-based preschool curriculum. You wont just find learning activities here, this is a full on curriculum.

Includes fun cover pages for all 19 units!
This curriculum has given me the inspiration to be the best parent for my child. Helping her learn while playing! It’s such a great motivator. Now only if you could come up for a curriculum for working out so I can be motivated to do that.. LOL but seriously. So thankful to have found your page and curriculum! And thank you for putting in the hard work! - Blanca

Preschool Play Tricks 101

Let's get into the in's and out's of the Preschool Play Tricks program.

This program is divided into 19 themed units filled with hands-on, structured learning. Each unit is designed to be 2 weeks, or 10 learning days long...but guess what? We get that life doesn't always go as planned and you might need to take the units a bit slower, that's okay! Or maybe your child is OBSESSED with dinosaurs, and you want to jump right into the dino unit? That's fine too!

The heart of this program is flexibility, planning, and play-based fun aligned to real learning standards.

I believe in following the child so I've designed this program to allow you to do just that. Preschool Play Tricks is zero pressure, organized, and easy to follow.

The themed units aren't based on a calendar year so you can join along, start, or pause whenever you need. You can grab the units individually or as a growing bundle (keep on reading for more information on these options.)

Each unit focuses on one or two driving questions (an education term that stems from project-based learning) to set a clear purpose. The daily lessons contain 2-3 simple play-based learning activities combined with printable manipulatives to enhance the learning experience.

My son begs every day to "do school" because he loves getting to play in all the different ways. We're in the food and nutrition unit right now and my son is a picky eater. But after just a couple days of this unit, I truly think it's helping him branch out and eat foods he would never had tried before (he's 3). Thanks for all the hard work you put into the curriculum; our family values it so much!" - Becca

Children learn best through a repetitive, multi-sensory approach. The skills repeat throughout the program as your child builds background knowledge and a strong foundation.


Choose the Preschool Play Tricks growing bundle and save over 80%!

Purchasing the growing bundle means that you save on every unit, you'll receive any updates to the resources for free, access or print the units easily online from a mobile device or computer, and ALL future units for free (19 in all) once they're completed without making any additional purchases.


What's included?

Preschool Play Tricks is an at-home preschool curriculum- the program includes 19 thematic units, each unit includes 10 learning days, the program lasts 38 weeks or 190 days of learning. Each unit contains around 60 learning activities, that's over 1000 hands-on activities!

You'll receive a bonus Start Up Guide filled with tips and tricks to help the program run smoothly at your house- "How do I organize the curriculum?" "What do I do if my child isn't interested in an activity?" "How can I prepare the program?"...I've got you covered!

Best preschool curriculum ever! The way you plan the activities and how everything flows just right. It is fun, interesting, cute, and easy to use! I absolutely love the sensory background it has, it also encourages creativity and curiosity in children. It's so complete it even comes with book recommendations! Best purchase I've ever made! - Denise

The program is a combination of play-based learning activities and hands-on printable manipulative games! Each unit contains printable manipulatives to enhance your child's learning- these games can be played together or your child can continue to revisit them independently throughout the unit.

Each unit focuses on one or two driving questions for clear and purposeful learning.

Each unit will also include a title page, weekly overviews, daily lesson plans in an organized and consistent format, scripted teaching prompts, a supply checklist, an online supply database, extension activities for those who need a little challenge, and a mini-alphabet book!


What will my child learn?

Each unit follows a clear set of routines based on purposefully chosen skills. Children and adults thrive on routine.

Repeated exposure to the same concepts in a variety of ways is necessary to develop mastery and appeal to different learning styles.

These skills intentionally repeat each week. Each day focuses on two-three learning skills: Throughout each unit, you'll notice sensory, art, and science skills blended in as well.

These skills were not randomly selected. The skills were chosen based on standards and milestones set by the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) and the Washington State Department of Early Learning. These skills are important for school readiness and building background knowledge.

In the Start Up Guide, you'll see a more detailed explanation of each skill and their importance in clear terms.

  • Oral Language- responding to open-ended questions, making predictions, retelling, expanding vocabulary, and participating in a discussion.

  • Sorting- making matches, identifying sets, sorting and classifying by various and multiple attributes, and comparing sets

  • Alphabet Knowledge- focusing on 1-2 letters at a time, identifying letter names, identifying letters in print, and identifying letter sounds

  • Number sense- numeral identification, counting with one-to-one correspondence, and understanding the number system

  • Patterning & Measurement- recognizing and creating patterns, comparing and ordering two or more items, sorting and classifying by various attributes, describing measurable attributes, and comparing two objects with a measurable attribute in common

  • Shapes- identifying and describing shapes, comparing shapes, and creating shapes

  • Sensory- sensory play supports language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, scientific thinking, problem solving, and social skills

  • Art- art improves fine motor skills, creative problem solving, promotes confidence, perseverance, focus, and nonverbal communication

  • Science- observing, classifying, communicating, measuring, predicting, inferring, and problem solving

The detailed Start Up Guide is the answer to all your questions!

Your child will be focusing on early literacy skills, sorting and classifying by various attributes, they will learn the 26 letters in the alphabet (uppercase, lowercase, and sound), develop a clear understanding of the number system, and much much more!

I bought your curriculum when it first came out. I’ve seen how much my then 2 yr old has grown from doing your curriculum. I love the lesson plans, the themes, the activities. I’m so glad I purchased this...I’m ready to tackle year 2 of homeschooling and I’m crossing my fingers that maybe you’ll add a curriculum part 2. - Judith

What's a typical day like?

Preschool Play Tricks is 19 units, each unit lasts 2 weeks. Each week contains 5 learning days.

Every day I provide a clear lesson plan. The daily lesson plan contains:

  • Daily Supply List- Grab what you need for that day ahead of time so you're not prepping while your child is waiting (not-so-patiently).

  • Opening- Two songs or poems (with an eye-catching printable to post around the house and sing along together) & scripted questions and suggestions on how to introduce the theme and daily activities.

  • Read Aloud- A book suggestion and tips for creating a meaningful discussion. These books are flexible. If you can’t find them at your library, search for another book that fits the theme.

  • 2-3 Learning Activities- A short description, steps, prompts, and extension activities with a clear skill-based objectives.

A look at a weekly overview and daily lesson plan

Each unit comes with two weekly overviews to see what's ahead, two driving questions, and several tips and tricks to help the unit run smoothly. There's also a supply checklist, a digital shopping list, and tons of printable manipulatives! I've included scripted, easy-to-read lessons and extension activities as well!

I designed this program to be flexible- I created it while baby R was a newborn and knew I needed to create a program that can be done easily for busy parents.

Each day is about 45 minutes to 1 hour long. You might dedicate a portion of the morning to preschool, you might spread a unit out over an entire month, do it while the baby naps, or even in short little bursts to break up the day. This program can be made to work for you!


How is Preschool Play Tricks different?

If you search "preschool curriculum" online you'll see thousands of resources. There's a TON of information out there so you might be wondering, "How is this program different than the rest?"

  • Skills are based on learning standards by the NAEYC and the DEL

  • 190 days of learning

  • 19 themed units

  • 10 complete, scripted lesson plans per unit

  • Printable manipulatives

  • Weekly overviews

  • Supply checklist

  • Online supply database

  • Bonus mini-alphabet book

  • Flexibility to choose units,activities,and timing that fits YOU

Includes over 500 pages of printables

Who is Preschool Play Tricks for?

Preschool Play Tricks is purposefully designed for ages 2-4.

It's important that your child is able to follow two step directions, focus for at least 5 minutes, and answer simple questions to fully participate. I provide several tips throughout each unit to properly model and instruct your child.


Feeling overwhelmed?

This is a lot of information to take in! I promise I've created this program to be user-friendly! I make teaching your child stress-free and fun. The lesson plan is organized the same way every month so there's no surprises! I understand that curriculum can be a foreign concept (as well as terms like "ten frame" so I'm here to guide you through it!) I'll also be right here alongside you, teaching my own preschooler at the same time! As a former educator (my degree is in early childhood and elementary education. I was a preschool, second, and third grade teacher as well as hold a TESOL and TEFL certification to teach English to Speakers of Other Languages), I'm passionate in promoting learning through play. And as a mom, I understand that parenting is HARD. That's why I've created Preschool Play Tricks to make this part of parenting stress-free, simple, and fun.


Ready to join 750+ families in this preschool at home journey?

You can purchase the growing bundle here:

The growing bundle will eventually include all 19 units. You'll receive all updates and future units for FREE. Grab the growing bundle today for $53- that's just .27 cents per day of preschool!

You can purchase individual thematic units here:

Each unit is $10- that's just $1 per day of learning!

Not quite sure if Preschool Play Tricks is right for you?

Take a look at a free week of Preschool Play Tricks. Click here to take a peek at the Garden unit!


I'm here to support you during this journey and would love to answer any questions you might have. Send me a message!

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