Divided Container Storage

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Keep your small toys, materials, or supplies organized with this divided storage container.

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Anyone else struggle with keeping all those little parts, toys, and materials organized?

It's Friday Favorites time and today I'm sharing a favorite of mine that has made my life 100 times more organized! I'm a little bit Type A (okay, maybe a lotta bit...) and I always need a system to easily find what materials I need.

We absolutely love our Safari Ltd figurines and I originally had them stored in individual bags (which wasn't a great system to begin with)...until my preschooler decided to combine them into one large pile.

Then I discovered an amazing, customizable divided storage container.

This divided storage container is perfect for little figurines but would also be great for keeping art supplies or loose parts organized too!

The dividers are removable so you can adjust it to customize your storage. It snaps shut, has a handle, and stacks easily. Oh how this makes the perfectionist in me so happy!


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