DIY Touch & Feel Sensory Sticks

Quick and easy sensorial DIY project for all ages to explore and learn.

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This activity requires adult supervision.

It's amazing how those little baby fingers touch and grab EVERYTHING! Around 5-6 months, your child's little fingers are ready to explore new and different textures. Touch-and-feel sensory lids and sticks are perfect for this age! But I'm not gonna 3.5 year old loves these things too.

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The best part is, this a DIY you can actually do! This one doesn't require any fancy materials. In fact, you can probably already put a few together right now with items you already have in your house.

Around 5-6 months, your child's little fingers are ready to explore new and different textures.

Let's make it!

You'll need: jumbo craft sticks, recycled lids, hot glue, various textured materials

  1. Select materials with various textures (sponge, felt, sandpaper, pipe cleaner, pom-poms, glass gems, straws, yarn...the possibilities are endless!) Of course, choose materials you're comfortable with. As with any DIY project, there is always a risk.

  2. Trim the material to fit on the craft stick or lid.

  3. Using hot glue, attach the material to each stick or lid. doesn't get any easier!

Ways to play: Your baby will enjoy touching, feeling, and mouthing each material. Be sure to describe what they feel and see, "This stick is bumpy!" "This lid is shiny and bright."

Try touching or rubbing your baby's cheek or feet with the touch and feel lids and sticks.

You can also tap the sticks onto different surfaces to explore how sound changes. Add a few pots and use them as drumsticks!

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