Does your child ever whine, have tantrums, or even a full-blown meltdown when it's time to transition between activities or places?


Transitions are hard for everybody. Humans are creatures of habit and being asked to stop one thing and start another is a very common trigger for behavior challenges.


Use these printable daily routine cards to help ease transitions, promote stability, and encourage independence throughout our day. Post them in various areas around the house, create a visual routine chart, or design your DIY interactive routine flip chart.


This printable includes:

  • 50+ color illustration daily home routine cards
  • Contains the following routine cards featuring hand drawn illustrations: get dressed, 2 breakfast cards, bathroom, 2 brush teeth cards, brush hair, make bed, feed pets, independent play, free play, quiet play time, shopping, errands, 2 chores cards, 2 snack cards, go outside, park, go for a walk, play sports, active play, swim, TV time, screen time, school, planned play, lunch, eat, nap time, family time, Mom + me, Dad + me, library, car ride, special trip, music, art, read, play date, doctor's visit, church, quiet time, dinner, wash dishes, 2 bath cards, pajamas, bedtime, blank clock card, blank pasta bowl card, blank bag card, blank book card, blank shirt card, blank hearts card, blank present card, blank notebook card, blank ball card, blank sun card
  • Blank template to add your own routine cards
  • "Morning" and "Afternoon" headers


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Daily Routine Cards