Have you ever wondered what your child should be learning (and how)?
Seen a play idea but not sure if it's developmentally appropriate?
Have you ever felt lost on how to play with or teach your child?
Need some fresh ideas to get through this season?


The Play Tricks Handbook is everything you need to make play simple. In each handbook you'll find play ideas tailored to your child's development in a sequenced order based on appropriate milestones. It's more organized than Pinterest and easier to comprehend than an activity book. Whether you're new to parenting or this is your second (or more!) time around the block, learn something new and connect with your child by learning and exploring together!


This handbook is carefully designed for ages 0-3 months. This handbook contains:

  • An overview of what to expect developmentally
  • An easy-to-read milestone checklist
  • Expert recommendations to add meaningful toys to your collection (remember, toys determine the quality of play)
  • Tips and tricks on how to successfullyguide your child during an activity based on their development
  • A short shopping list of supplies to have on hand
  • An online resource with links to recommended materials, toys, and DIY alternatives
  • 20 developmentally appropriate play ideas that grow with your child (start at the beginning and work your way through the activities)
  • Learn the purpose and WHY behind each play ideas

Note: Every child develops at their own pace, be sure to adjust for prematurity. If you have any concerns about your child's development, be sure to speak to your child's healthcare provider.


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Play Tricks Handbook: 0-3M

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